Anonymous: why do you believe in astrology? it's so generalized

no one who knows the many kinds of astrology, or how to interpret a birth chart, would ever say that.


abdominal crunches: 2 sets of 25, twice daily

walking lunges: 2 sets of 25, twice daily

regular squats: 5 reps of 5, twice daily

wall-sit: 30 seconds, twice daily

I think I’ve kept this going for about five days. It’s sort of become the cornerstones of my morning and night rituals. Really, I was encouraged to tone my booty after seeing a change through all the walking I’ve done in the last month…and bae’s comment on it. I also ran a half-mile this morning - a baby step on my ascent to cardiovascular superiority. 

Unrelated: I’ve committed to being a cat for Halloween this year. 

I went on my first mini-run today. And for the last few days I’ve established a very easy but effective butt/thigh toning routine.

And my house is perfectly sanitary and organized.

I don’t know what else to ask for in life really.